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Mach UK

MACH Uk is based in the UK and run by Buzz Trade, with people with extensive experience. Currently, it is one of the few companies specialising in washing equipment. MACH Uk is now able to offer a wide range of professional washers, from the smaller glasswashers to the bigger rack conveyor machines, including a comprehensive range of utensilwashers; the production also includes a range of service tables and sink units for professional washing, a range of stainless steel neutral units for cooking and patisserie and, to round off the picture, a range of confectioners’ cooking units, full-cube ice makers, hollow-cube ice makers, granular ice makers ...

MACH has always been committed to the manufacturing of high-tech machines. We believe that is the only way to build a professional machine and that has to be shown to those who deal with the sale and service of our machines. That is why we have setup a technical training programme to share such knowledge with them..

To all of you, from all of us at Mach UK - Thank you and Happy shopping!

Philip Fortune & Mike Bebee